The Cohn Learning Center

Achieve, believe, belong

Achieve, believe, belong

At a Glance

  • Serves grades 9-11
  • No Cluster
  • Not Open Enrollment
  • Offers bus transportation
  • Does not offer before or aftercare

Welcome From the Principal

Debbie Booker   Principal

Debbie Booker

Welcome to The Cohn School! As we forge ahead as the most trailblazing educational entity in our city, we know that old and new challenges, as well as many victories, await us. Our mission is unique and so we look for unique ways to meet our goals.

I look forward to any feedback from faculty, staff, students and parents regarding our successes and our “should’ve/could’ve” actions. Additionally, I’m always open to receiving new viewpoints and visions from new faculty, staff, students and parents. I strongly believe that we all have something useful to contribute.


Contact Information

4805 Park Avenue
Nashville, TN 37209 (map)


Contact Emails:
Executive Principal: Debbie Booker
School Counselor: Tina Shepherd
Senior Secretary: Victor Hoggett
School Board Representative: Amy Frogge


How to Enroll

Students who may need to attend this school must receive a referral from a school counselor or principal before filling out the online application (see link below).

Online Application

School Description

Encouragement, respect, kindness and acceptance: Those are just a few ways we support our students, many of whom have struggled to find a place where they are able to learn and grow. Here we accept them as they are and work with them to offer them another chance at success. An alternative to a traditional comprehensive high school, the Cohn School provides students with an another option to pursue a high-school diploma.

Most students who attend Cohn are working toward meeting the minimum requirements necessary to attend one of the Academies. We help them achieve their goals through a number of innovative instructional methods, including online learning, project-based learning and technology-integrated instruction. 

Another goal of the Cohn School is to help students identify viable postsecondary options for education, training or employment. Students are encouraged to begin exploring post-secondary options during their time here.

Although students receive instruction at a substantially faster pace than in traditional high schools, we still make time for fellowship. Every Thanksgiving season, faculty and staff prepare a traditional dinner at their own expense to start the holiday season. Afterward, our ELL instructor Mrs. Judith Meeker leads faculty and students in a quilt-making activity to help needy families around the world.


School Hours

8:15 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

A Typical Day at School

  • Students are enrolled in four classes every nine weeks.

  • They have the opportunity to complete a full year of classes in one semester.


School Details & Links


The Cohn School focuses on helping students achieve academic success by providing a safe learning environment, and dress should not be a distraction. All clothing is to be worn appropriately and in the manner for which it was designed. If clothing is deemed inappropriate, the student will be required to change into appropriate clothing or may be sent home. Repeated violations may result in additional consequences, such as after-school detention or out-of-school suspension. Please familiarize yourself with the Cohn School Dress Code Policy.


  • Parent Involvement Program
    Program Specialist Edward Gray: 615-298-6617, ext. 1980

  • Tutoring

  • English Language classes

  • Student Government Association