Hickman Elementary School

Hickman Hawks SOAR!

Hickman Hawks SOAR!

At a Glance

  • Serves grades Pre-K - 4
  • McGavock Cluster
  • Not Open Enrollment
  • Offers bus transportation
  • Offers before or aftercare

Welcome From the Principal

Chris Holmes   Principal

Chris Holmes

I am beyond excited to begin partnering with the Hickman community of learners this school year.  I have heard nothing but great things about the school and the description that I hear most is community.

While this is only my first year here, I can already attest that the faculty and staff is invested deeply in the potential of every student.  They take pride in watching the students learn and grow and are honored to be a part of their lives.  This is how I know that I am in the right place. 

My promise to you, as Principal, is that:

  • We will make certain every student is given the opportunity to succeed by seeing them first as learners and acknowledging that we too must continue to learn.

  • We will make it possible for every individual to find their purpose by building the culture of our community on a foundation of love and respect.

Thank you for entrusting us to be such a profound part of your children’s lives.


Contact Information

112 Stewarts Ferry Pike
Nashville, TN 37214 (map)


Contact Emails:
Principal: Chris Holmes
Assistant Principal: Patricia Johnson
School Counselor: Julie Bollinger
School Secretary: Sheyla Helm
Parent Involvement: Carole Scates
School Board Representative: Anna Shepherd



School Description

A neighborhood school in the Donelson area, Hickman Elementary serves a richly diverse population reflecting our community. We are dedicated to serving our students through teacher collaboration, personalized learning and classroom engagement. Our school provides support and resources to meet the needs of all students, including Encore for gifted and talented students, and English Learner services for students and families who primarily speak another language. 

A robust related arts program features choir and drama through music classes, which routinely hold performances for the community. In addition, students participate in technology classes, which help them learn how to use the computer and hone their typing skills. Blended learning opportunities are available throughout the school, and we offer after-school tutoring to students in need. In conjunction with our Limitless Libraries program, our full-time librarian helps our students access a large library collection. 

The school’s unique location on the same campus as Donelson Middle Prep makes Hickman Elementary a convenient choice for families with multiple students. Its shared campus also facilitates a smooth transition into middle school. Hickman has an inner courtyard, accessible only from inside the school, that features raised garden beds where our students grow fruits and vegetables. Classes and teachers can enjoy the area by having a picnic outside, while students in Pre-K use this as a safe area to ride play equipment. Some of the fruits and vegetables grown in the garden even make it into school lunches. 


School Hours

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

A Typical Day at School

  • Breakfast in the classroom with their peers

  • Morning announcements and classroom meetings

  • Literacy, Math, Science and Social Studies blocks

  • Response to Intervention, where students work with peers at their assessed level

  • Related Arts: Technology, Physical Education, Music and Art


School Details & Links


All students must be neatly groomed and follow the dress code every day. Notice of any special dress code exceptions will be communicated in advance to students and parents in writing. Please familiarize yourself with the Hickman Elementary Dress Code Policy.


  • Hickman Elementary Parent Teacher Association (PTA)
    Contact: Carole Scates

  • Before and aftercare
    112 Stewarts Ferry Pike
    Nashville, TN 37214
    Site phone: 615-226-5577
    Program director: Elizabeth Jones,

  • English Language classes

  • Anti-bullying training and/or clubs

  • Art

  • Boy Scouts

  • Choir

  • Girl Scouts

  • Swim

  • Hermitage Lions Club

  • Wilson County Bank and Trust

  • Donelson-Hermitage Senior Center FLIP Program

  • Kroger Donelson

  • Donelson Hermitage Chamber of Commerce

  • Andrew Price United Methodist Church

  • Hot Topic

  • Exit Reality