Haywood Elementary School

Home of the    Haywood Scholars

Home of the

Haywood Scholars

At a Glance

  • Serves grades Pre-K - 4
  • Overton Cluster
  • Not Open Enrollment
  • Offers bus transportation
  • Offers before or aftercare
  • Community Achieves school

Welcome From the Principal

Megan Galloway   Principal

Megan Galloway

Welcome to Haywood Elementary! We are an innovative, vibrant learning community where over 700 students attend from over 30 countries.  Our goal is to educate the whole child using best educational practices and cutting-edge technology in a diverse, multicultural environment to prepare them for higher education, work and life. Our caring faculty and staff bring this goal to life every single day. We love our diverse school community! Please come and see what an amazing place Haywood is to learn and grow!


Contact Information

3790 Turley Drive
Nashville, TN 37211 (map)


Contact Emails:
Principal: Megan Galloway
Assistant Principal: Rachel Sullens
Dean of Instruction: Elizabeth Colón
School Board Representative: School Board Representative: Rachael Anne Elrod




School Description

At Haywood Elementary, we have one-of-a-kind teaching facilities, a beautiful campus and a loving faculty. We are a diverse school where over 20 languages are spoken, and as a result, we offer integrated reading and writing classes for our non-English speaking scholars so they can learn right alongside our native English language speakers. Many of our classes have more than one teacher at a time to make this possible.

We offer diverse courses specific to our third- and fourth-graders that help prepare them for middle school. and we have a science lab, Star Wars-themed technology lab, piano lab, music studio and art studio complete with a kiln for firing sculptures. Parents and students love our science and technology labs, which give our scholars hands-on access to learning.

We practice blended learning, which ensures our students receive a mix of traditional classroom instruction plus digital lessons, some of which they may complete on their own time. This prepares students for the way some high-school and college courses are currently structured.

School Hours

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

A Typical Day at School

  • Breakfast in the classroom (7:45 AM – 8:00AM )

  • Morning meeting (8:00 AM – 8:15 AM)

  • ELA (120-150 minutes)

  • Math (75-90 minutes)

  • Science and social studies (varies by grade level)

  • Recess (20 minutes or more – varies by grade level)

  • Lunch (30 minutes)

  • Related arts – PE, art, music, computer, library (60 minutes)


School Details & Links


Bottoms: Navy, black or any shade of khaki; 
must extend below fingertips. Elastic waistbands do not require belts; those with belt loops must have a belt for grades 2- 4.

Tops: Shirts with short or long sleeves and a collar (polo, dress-style with buttons, or turtleneck), in any solid color/shade. Shirts must be properly buttoned and tucked in.

Shoes: All Haywood students have physical education or recess every day; appropriate footwear must be worn for their safety. 


  • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

  • Before and Aftercare
    Fun Company YMCA

  • Family Resource Center

  • Tutoring

  • English Language classes

  • Clothing Closet

  • Parent training classes

  • STARS counseling

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Anti-bullying training and/or clubs

  • Restorative Justice


  • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

  • Before and Aftercare – Fun Company YMCA

  • Family Resource Center (Portable 13)

  • Reading Club/ Super Families

  • English Language classes

  • SIFE Program

  • Parent training classes

  • Centerstone Counseling

  • Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Trained Staff

  • Book Club

  • Dance Club

  • Garden Club

  • Math Club

  • Robotics

  • Science Club

  • Student Government Association

  • Girls on the Run

  • Might Girls Book Club

  • Garden Club

  • Cub Scouts

  • Reading Club

  • Safety Patrol

  • Piano Lessons

  • CiCi's Pizza

  • Jack in the Box

  • Mill Creek Baptist Church

  • Haywood Hills Baptist Church

  • Horace Mann

  • Rural Hills Church of Christ

  • Kroger

  • Southern Hills Church of Christ