Glenn Enhanced Option ElementarySchool

Learning every day    in every way

Learning every day

in every way

At a Glance

  • Serves grades K-4
  • Maplewood Cluster
  • Open Enrollment
  • Offers bus transportation
  • Does not offer before or aftercare

Welcome From the Principal

Dexter Adams   Principal

Dexter Adams

As the principal, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to Glenn Enhanced Option Elementary School. Our dedicated staff works very hard to meet the individual needs of all students and maintain personal connections with their families. I believe communication is the key to a successful educational experience and that education is a partnership between the school, students, parents and guardians, and community.

I welcome you to join the Glenn family and help fill our building with energetic, enthusiastic learners!


Contact Information

322 Cleveland Street
Nashville, TN 37207 (map)


Contact Emails:
Principal: Dexter Adams
Guidance Counselor: Linda Grayson
Instructional Coach: Carla Burgess
Instructional Specialist: Shemika Haywood
School Board Representative: Christiane Buggs




School Description

Glenn Enhanced Option Elementary School is a neighborhood school that is all about community and family. We enjoy interacting and communicating with parents and community leaders, while our parents value our open-door policy and the steady flow of feedback they receive to help foster academic success. Best of all, our lower teacher-student ratio means we can offer skilled, focused instruction to every student.

Our students have a unique opportunity to learn through a variety of teaching strategies and methods. Balanced literacy, balanced math and project-based learning ensure students can apply concepts and demonstrate true understanding. Our four mobile computer labs and skills-based computer programs provide engaging, interactive learning opportunities. Writing is weaved throughout the curriculum, including a daily writing workshop. Related arts classes include art, music and physical education.

Extended learning opportunities include after-school tutoring for all grade levels and Saturday tutoring for third- and fourth-grade students. Encore is a program that supports and challenges our gifted students. As an enhanced option school, we also offer summer classes and an extended school day.

Extracurricular activities give students a chance to grow by exploring their talents and interests. Free guitar lessons and reduced-cost Rejoice school for ballet are a few of our favorites.

School Hours

8:00 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.

A Typical Day at School

  • 7:45 am: Arrival and Breakfast in the Classroom
  • 120 minutes of Reading Instruction
  • 60 minutes of Math Instruction
  • Lunch
  • 60 minutes of Personalized Learning Time for grades 1st-4th 
  • 40 minutes of Personalized Learning for kindergarten
  • Writing Block: Writer's Workshop Format
  • 3:45 pm: Dismissal 

School Details & Links


Standard School Attire

Tops: Collar and short or long sleeves in any solid color; tucked in.

Bottoms: Khaki, navy blue or black; must extend below the fingertips and belts should be worn daily to prevent sagging. 

For more information and detailed guidelines, please refer to the District Policy on Personal Appearance and Dress Code


  • Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)
    Contact: Kawana Inmon, (615) 262-6682 
  • English Language classes 
  • Clothing Closet
  • Social and Emotional Learning 

  • 21st Century Learning Grant: After-School Tutoring 

  • Second Harvest Backpack Program 
  • The Bridge Ministry
  • Nashville Electric Service (NES) 
  • Horace Mann 
  • Ray of Hope Community Church 
  • PTO
  • New Livingston Baptist Church 
  • Book' Em Reading 
  • Big Brother, Big Sister Organization
  • Homework Hotline
  • Reading Clinic
  • Payne Chapel Before/After Care Transportation