Cumberland Elementary School

BEARS: Building Excellent    Achieving, Responsible Students

BEARS: Building Excellent

Achieving, Responsible Students

At a Glance

  • Serves grades K-4
  • Whites Creek Cluster
  • Open Enrollment
  • Offers bus transportation
  • Offers before or aftercare

Welcome From the Principal

Jeresther Thorpe-Page Principal (Interim)

Jeresther Thorpe-Page
Principal (Interim)

Welcome to Cumberland Elementary School!  We are a proud Metro Nashville Public School with an amazing school community made up of caring, committed parents, talented dedicated staff and students with heart, talent, curiosity and determination. 


Contact Information

4247 Cato Road
Nashville, TN 37218 (map)


Contact Emails:
Principal: Jerester Thorpe-Page
Dean of Instruction: Wesley Poe
Secretary/Bookkeeper: Sarah Vaughn
Counselor: Kaci Cart
CIS Site Coordinator: Bonnie Adams
Administrative Bookkeeper: Sarah Vaughn
Literacy Coach: Sharon Osborne
Literacy Coach: Whitney Ridings
School Board Representative: Sharon Gentry



School Description

Cumberland Elementary provides a school experience focused on giving our students learning opportunities that build the competencies needed for them to succeed throughout their lives.

Through professional development, our teachers have become adept at teaching children to read using Guided Reading. Since our recent adoption of Core knowledge Language Arts (CKLA) Skills strand and Knowledge strand, teachers are implementing literacy lessons that require students to interact with complex text through Socratic Seminar, authentic writing projects, and robust speaking opportunities. Math instruction emphasizes the mastery of math concepts, problem solving and authentic concept application. Our students study social studies and science, not only during the CKLA Knowledge strand but they also use Science Kits that accompany each science unit explored.

We are using Social Emotional Learning (SEL) practices to develop a kinder, gentler community at Cumberland ES.  This year we have partnered with Community In Schools (CIS) to help further this effort. The CIS program will be housed in the kindergarten/first grade hallway.  The focus of the program will be to help us address challenges with attendance and bullying. It is important that children are in school each day. While they are in school, they should feel safe. We are excited about their involvement.

One of our goals has been to purchase enough laptops to give each of our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th graders access to their own laptop.  This is an era of technology and we want Cumberland students to be as ready to thrive in a technological environment as any other high performing and well prepared student.  Presently we have a cart of laptops for each of our grade levels, 1st through 4th, a hub of computers in our library, IPADS for our kindergartners and 1st graders, and a computer lab available for each class to frequent. We provide access to several interactive learning websites, which can be customized to meet the needs of an individual student in both math and literacy.

Cumberland  also benefits from partnerships with the YMCA Fun Company, Vanderbilt University, Fifty Forward, Catapult. Lipscomb University, Boys Club, Girls Club, and Chess club. Partnering this year with Under Armour will change the energy level at Cumberland.  We are incorporating the Morning Mile which means that every morning will start with fun and movement as children.  Parents are welcome to join in.

Cumberland’s faculty and staff work together to help ensure the success of our students.  We know that each child is a unique individual and we spend time getting to know each of them. We are honored to be a part of our students’ lives at the beginning of their educational journey and we take our charge very seriously.


School Hours

8:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Cumberland es 1.JPG

A Typical Day at School

  • Morning Mile – Day begins with community walk with music: 7:30 a.m.

  • Breakfast eaten in the classroom: 7:50 a.m.

  • Morning Meeting to build a sense of community and introduce the day: 8:05 a.m.

  • Literacy Block (210 minutes)

  • Recess (20 minutes)

  • Lunch ( 30 minutes)

  • Math Block (90 minutes)

  • Science and/or Social Studies Block (30 minutes)

  • Related Arts - P.E., Library, Art, or Music (60 minutes)

  • The following individual and small groups are met with daily or weekly depending upon individual schedules and program requirements: Encore, Talent, RTI, EE, EL

  • Dismissal: 3 p.m.


School Details & Links


Cumberland students may wear solid-color polo tops, with blue, black or khaki bottoms or skirts/dresses.

MNPS Standard School Attire is an effective strategy to promote enhanced student appearance and behavior, which are key ingredients of a positive learning environment in which student safety and achievement are the highest priorities. Students are required to wear uniforms daily, unless notified otherwise.


  • Parent Teacher Organization
    Dues: $5

  • Before and aftercare
    YMCA Fun Company

  • English Language classes

  • Social and Emotional Learning

  • Anti-bullying training and/or clubs

  • Morning Mile

  • Chess Club

  • Girl Scouts

  • Boy Scouts

  • School Chorus

  • Girls on the Run

  • YMCA Fun Company


  • Fifty Forward

  • Lipscomb University

  • Vanderbilt University